Their stairway to heaven

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This is an unfortunately true story.

Yesterday I got back from a ski trip in the French Alps with my girlfriend's family and a group of friends. According the locals, we witnessed the best weather-wise week of the winter in the area. 

On Wednesday, our mountain guide Boris brought us to the slightly remote bowl of the Crosets area, on the Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil. We had to hike a few meters to access the bowl, but it was well worth it. Fresh powder awaited us.

Right before hitting the run, we came across one of Boris’ colleague and his client. They were on their way to a higher spot in the bowl, hoping to get a few more fresh powder turns than us. A little jealous, we respected Boris’ call not to hike more. We were a group of 11, and hiking along with the other duo was a risk that Boris was not willing to take. So we went right, they went left. On our way down were some of the most thrilling powder turns I had ever made.

Their last steps












During lunch, Boris got a phone call from his manager at the ESF, one that probably changed his life. One of his colleague and a client had been taken by an avalanche about an hour ago, on their way to the 
Col du Cou. 

According to the Swiss police, Cédric and his client Tristan died after a corniche collapsed under their weight.

The news hit us like a train. Aside from Boris, none of us knew either one of the two, but all of us remembered watching them climb that corniche, envying them for the extra powder turns they would get. We witnessed their last steps, we even took a photo of them. 

If not for Boris’ safe call, our iPhones and GoPros would be relating an even sadder story today. Forced to believe, it was not our time.


 Our thoughts are with these two skiers who died doing what they loved. We went right, they went left, and never made it to lunch.

Thank you Boris.

Read the news article here.

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